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It’s sometimes hard for parents to get in the mood of Holiday cheer when there’s shopping to do, Christmas parties to attend and on top of that, as we get closer to Christmas itself, the kids might even be off school early. For such a joyous time of the year, parents can sure be stressed about how to find someone to babysit the kids!

Luckily, CarePair is here to help, with on-demand sitters to ease the burden, and help parents free up some time. But as the Holidays and surrounding events tend to funnel towards specific days and pile up on the weekends, even on-demand babysitting options cannot be relied upon for availability on super short notice.

Be Proactive

So the easiest answer to the question posed by the title of this blog is, ‘not 3:30pm on December 31 for your New Years party’! Even if you have an office Christmas party on a Friday in the middle of December that you HAVE to attend, most other office parties are probably booked around the same weekends as yours, with most of the parents at each party needing child care. Therefore, you need to be proactive with securing a sitter for the days you know in advance you’ll need one. 

The ideal option is to use CarePair to find a reliable sitter in advance by employing her in November to watch your kids while you go shopping for presents (we all finish our shopping early…right?). This allows you to form a relationship with a sitter and can notify her in advance about December needs.

Your Office Christmas Party


Another option would be to post a detailed job at least two weeks in advance of your high-office-party-traffic weekend. Be specific about the day, time and wage, allowing that you won‘t necessarily be able to specify how long the job will be (there’s a chance your office Christmas party will be amazing!). This gives the sitters on CarePair time to see your job, filter based on their schedules and contact you, then gives parents ample time to chat with the applicants to find the right fit. You can then rest easy and enjoy your party!

Day to day shopping trips should be fairly straightforward to find sitters, unless you’re a Christmas Eve shopper. CarePair’s advice in this situation is, don’t be a Christmas Eve shopper! While the malls may be surprisingly calm, babysitters will be in short supply.

New Year’s Eve Babysitter?

Now for the big one, New Year’s Eve. If you’re planning to be attending a no-kids party, you’ll need to plan for child care as soon as you RSVP the party. Most people have some kind of plans for New Year’s, but many will be happy to babysit…at the right price. Of all nights of the year, do not expect to find a sitter for $11/ hour. CarePair does not– nor will ever– have surge pricing like Uber, but assume organic surge pricing will be necessary. Even if you have a regular sitter, offer 50% more than you normally pay her. If you’re posting a job, our recommendation would be no lower than $20/ hour, booked in advance, regardless of age and experience. The reality is that the price required to attract a sitter for New Year’s Eve will get higher the closer to December 31 you wait, so book those sitters early! 

If, for whatever reason, you find yourself in the position of unexpectedly requiring a sitter the day before, or morning of New Year’s Eve, you’ll need to make a Godfather Offer to someone:

Book Early!

To distill it down, the best advice on when to book sitters on CarePair during the Holiday season is, as soon as you know when you’ll need one. Your stress level will thank you for it!

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