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One goes into the Holiday season making a mental list of the people they have to buy gifts for: parents, siblings, significant other…cousins, grandparents…friends, secret santa…pets. It never seems to end! Let’s be honest, we’ve all done the cost-benefit analysis whereby we announce “I’m not buying presents and I don’t want presents”, to get out of the cost part. But then the benefit goes away, and we’re left with grandma’s socks that she knits for everyone. Merry Christmas.

Make Money, Money!

It doesn’t have to be this way though, collecting quarters to return to the bank, bumping your head up against your credit card ceiling, spending your birthday money…there are easier, and funner ways!

Babysitting in Calgary on CarePair during the busy holiday season allows enterprising people the opportunity to make enough money to cover all their gift responsibilities. Let’s do the math: 4 hours times $15/ hour times 2 days/ week times 4 weeks of holiday season= $480! I’m a grownup in an LTR and I still have never spent that money on Christmas presents any one season.

Sure, you could part-time at a fast food restaurant, slaving over the fry machine, coming home smelling AMAZING! Or you could sling coffee at a local cafe, faking while you’re making a half-caff mocha supremo. Or you could get a seasonal catering job, hands shaking while you try not to spill cranberry sauce on that expensive looking suit that guy’s wearing. Or, you could meet some young kids, have fun with them, watch TV and movies with them (or alone after they doze off) and– let’s be honest– help yourself to some snacks <cough>free meal<cough>.

The Goldilocks Job

Babysitting jobs in Calgary might be the actual sweet spot of ease/ enjoyment of work and making decent money in a short amount of time, with no long term commitments. Student on holiday break? Perfect, set your own schedule around exams and friends nights! Second job seeker? Ideal, your job probably doesn’t require your Fridays and Saturdays! Professional child care worker? Again, you most likely have weekend nights free. Heck, even teachers have a bunch of free time during the holidays and they’re pro’s at handling kids!

CarePair for Christmas!

When it comes down to it, if you have that list of people you need to buy presents for, and the bank account pickings are a little slim, Calgary babysitting jobs on CarePair during the holidays is the perfect way to bridge the gap. Simply download the app, upload your certifications to be more noticed by parents and respond to messages from parents or apply to job listings. It couldn’t be easier!

Happy Holidays babysitters!

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