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Unless someone figures out how to make those adorable baby/ toddler years naturally last longer, the time will come when you need to leave your children with a babysitter, whether family, close friends or a babysitter in Calgary from CarePair. There are few things more stressful for a parent, because you’ve raised your child literally from day one, you intuitively know their actions and reactions, what makes them happy (or upset), any allergies or triggers or how to get them to sleep or eat when the time is right. Mama (and Papa) bears just want what’s best for their kids, so how will anyone else know exactly what’s right for YOUR cubs?

Protective, all-knowing Mama Bear!

From a babysitter’s perspective, looking after little ones can either be the easiest job they’ll have, or the most difficult. If your child falls asleep as soon as they lie down and see the mobile, the sitter just has to be alert for when they wake up. On the other hand, many young children are difficult, to say the least, when it comes to quiet time, so the sitter has to be more active in placating your child.

From the parent’s perspective, the solution, at least for these first few times with a new sitter, is to be proactive with what your child may require.

Write Down Everything

That which has become second nature to you will not be for a sitter. Your child’s schedule, their likes, how to make them laugh and smile, favourite toys etc, are all things you don’t need to think about, so you can’t expect a sitter to immediately intuit them, especially if your child is pre-talking. So make a list, be detailed but make it easy to follow and comprehend. This will be the best way for the sitter to get inside your head to know what your child likes. For instance, your child might really love air-drumming to Nirvana or be soothed by hip hop music– something no sitter would ever guess on their own! If hardcore rap or rock doesn’t work, there’s always good, old fashioned lullabies.

Sitter, Meet Child

Especially for younger children, it is advisable to set up a meeting where the new sitter can meet your children. While you might be able to calm your nerves with some introspection, having a complete stranger show up to your house and then you leave will amplify any difficulty your child might have sleeping, or eating or going to the bathroom. Most sitters on CarePair will be more than willing to meet up with you and your child beforehand, especially if you foresee needing child care on an ongoing basis!

Try to Relax

This is obviously easier said than done, but if you meticulously document what your sitter needs to know about your child and introduce your child to the sitter to help ease the separation anxiety your child will face, you have set up both yourself and your child for a successful first time away. Whether it’s a work reason, a date night, friends night or a shopping trip you will either need or want to be able to rest easy knowing that your child is well taken care of, and even enjoying their time meeting a new friend!


We get it, every parent wants to spend every minute with their child, especially in those younger years. But CarePair was formed primarily to help parents when they MUST have some time away, for whatever reason. When you’ve browsed through the qualified sitters or applicants, and found the one you think is the right fit, don’t hesitate to ask detailed questions and even set up a meeting. CarePair’s Calgary babysitters want to be the best sitter they can be, and want your child to ask you when they’ll see each other again, so most sitters will be willing to go the extra mile to accomplish the job to the best of their abilities!



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