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I know, I know, you still haven’t gotten to the end of spending oodles of money on Christmas presents, and now you’re supposed to think about shelling out some more a week later? Now, of course, you don’t have to go out on New Year’s Eve, but there’s that one house party at a friend’s whom you haven’t seen in forever, or that can’t miss gala, or a great dinner/ dancing party you won tickets to etc, etc. Sometimes on NYE, you either have to, or simply want to go out. And when you have kids, and their grandparents aren’t nearby, or are otherwise occupied, that means sucking it up and paying higher rates for babysitters. Remember, most sitters probably have a place they could be on New Year’s, so coaxing them out of that is going to take more than the normal, expected wage.

Your babysitter if they don’t take a New Year’s Eve job 😉

The Starting Point

But what does more mean? Now, CarePair doesn’t have surge pricing like car sharing companies employ, as we feel that would be an unfair tactic, and there are more variables that go into choosing a sitter than a ride from A to B. In Alberta the minimum wage is $15 an hour, $13/ hour for those under 18 years old, and most sitters on CarePair list their expected wage with that number in mind. So, $13-$15 an hour is probably aiming a little optimistically, but use that as a basis to understand what it’ll take.

How Much is Enough?

When chatting with a sitter on CarePair about a NYE job, one must understand the sitter you’re engaged with may have 4 or 5 parents who have also contacted her. Therefore it’s best to start with the highest number you’re willing to pay, in order to get her attention. We live in an age of ghosting; we’ve all experienced it! If you’re thinking you’ll play it smart by offering $22, when you’re willing to pay $30, figuring you’ll end up negotiating to $25 or so, you might just get ghosted, because someone else offered $25. If you’re willing to pay $30/ hour for this one night, to ensure you get a sitter so you can make it out to your party, start with your best offer, get her attention and close the deal. After all, it’s better to overpay and ensure you get a Calgary babysitter than to try and get a deal, and wind up having to stay home, which, fair enough, could turn into a fun night with the kids!

A great night in with the kids is never a bad night!

Therefore, the answer to the question posed in the title is, the most you’re willing to pay. If you have commitments to go out on NYE and need a sitter, bite the bullet and for this one night, overpay. Over 300 CarePair babysitters in Calgary are waiting for your New Year’s Eve job offer!

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