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You and your partner have made it through the stressful holidays, hunkered down during the extreme cold in January, gotten back into the swing of things at work, maybe even taken the family on a ski trip or two. Everything has been humming along nicely…except you haven’t had a date night in FOREVER! Luckily, Valentine’s Day is Friday and with CarePair it’s never too late to find a babysitter, even for busy babysitting days.

The even better news is that parents can now find babysitters on CarePair for free! That’s right, we have eliminated all subscription fees forever, which means parents register for free, browse for free, contact sitters for free and arrange jobs for free (all interactions for babysitters remain free as well).

With nearly 350 babysitters registered in the Calgary region, all Calgary-area parents are now able to hire sitters whenever they need them, without monthly subscription costs. 

As we continue to build CarePair into the premier babysitting solution, we felt it was important to allow access to as many parents as possible. With parents already needing to pay a babysitter, we realized that paying the platform upon which they found that babysitter was pushing many parents towards making babysitting unaffordable for them, thus making date night less common. 

The knock-on effect of making babysitting more unaffordable was that babysitters themselves get fewer jobs. The goal of CarePair has always been to connect parents with babysitters whenever they need them, and for babysitters to be able to rely on a part-time wage in a fun environment where they control their schedule.

So, for this Valentine’s Day, take advantage of free access to Calgary babysitters and rekindle the romance in your relationship with a romantic date night!

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